Hier einige interessante Links, die jeder Webmaster in seinem Arsenal haben sollte:



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Technische Tools:

Quick Checklist

  • write valid HTML, JavaScript and CSS code
  • optimize your images, scale them down, combine them if possible (Photoshop Elements has some good features to preview images in various qualities)
  • compress all text output before sending it to the browser
  • combine multiple JavaScripts into a single file — the same is true for CSS
  • use CSS sprites for decorative images which allows you to reduce the number of HTTP requests
  • don’t use text for header images if you could write the text on a simple (reuseable) background image
  • employ caching on the server (for PHP and/or SQL requests) — RAM-based caches are best or use a disk cache for database requests which are not frequently modified.
  • use virtual hosts like,, to allow parallel downloads of your images (these domains can point to your main directory tree)
  • use dedicated servers for static content distribution (such as lighttpd)
  • use caching/expiry headers for your static content so that they are loaded directly from the browser’s cache
  • setup mirror servers worldwide for your static content and output your HTML, JavaScript and CSS code dynamically with the name of the closest mirror server dynamically inserted through geo mapping

Über Jochen Savelberg

Jochen Savelberg ist seit Juli 2005 der delegierte Verwalter von Euregio.Net AG. Er kümmert sich vor allem um die technische Infrastruktur von Euregio.Net. Desweiteren publiziert er das EasyScopes Entertainment Network, dass monatlich von mehr als 1.2 Millionen unterschiedlicher Benutzern besucht wird.
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