EN: .EU Domain Registration


The landrush for .EU domain names started on Friday, 7th April 2006. It’s now possible for all EU-citizens to register a .EU domain name. If you are not a EU-citizen, then EUregio.net will act as your local representative for this registration.

Even before the liberalization of the .EU top level domain there was already a huge interest in these new internet names. On the first day of the openening, more than 1 million .EU domain names were registered. Every EU-citizen can now registered their own personal domain names such as www.myname.eu or www.myproduct.eu as long as it’s still available and doesn’t infringe on existing rights (such as trademarks, company names etc.).

If you already own another domain name, then you can register your .EU domain name through EUregio.net and link the new domain to your existing web site.

The domain names are served on a first come, first serve basis!

Your EUregio.net advantage: We’ll handle your domain request for free and only send you an invoice when the domain name was registered successfully!

Check if your favorite .EU domain name is still available:

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